How to Improve Your English Pronunciation

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Do you find it difficult to pronounce words in English? This is a very common problem that many English learners face. Keep reading to find out how you can improve your English pronunciation.

  • Watch movies/TV shows/ or listen to podcasts in the English dialect you are learning. Keep in mind that some words are pronounced differently depending on which English dialect you are using, for example British English vs American English. In New Zealand, we use British English. By watching movies and listening to English speakers often, you will become more familiar with the way words are pronounced.

  • Practice speaking in English with others. This will not only help to improve your confidence, but it will give you an opportunity to help each other identify and correct your mispronunciations.

  • Break words down and notice where the stress goes in words. If you are having trouble pronouncing an English word, break the word down into smaller structures or syllables, and practice those before saying the entire word. Notice where the stress, or emphasis sits in different words. In some words, depending on where the stress is, this can change the entire meaning of the word.

  • Hold a mirror up to your lips. By watching yourself speak, you will gain a better insight into what your mouth does when you pronounce different words. Are your lips, tongue and mouth moving the same way as those who are native English speakers?

  • Tongue-twisters! These are tricky but fun! (Tell me which ones are your favourites in the comments below!)

  • Record yourself. Does your pronunciation sound the same as native English speakers? If not, identify what is different and work on improving that.

  • Enroll in an English speaking course. This will give you a valuable opportunity for the teacher to identify your pronunciation errors and work on ways together in which to communicate more effectively. Our one-on-one conversation classes at SUCCEED English Education are fun, and we discuss many interesting topics in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Gift yourself the opportunity to improve your pronunciation and your speaking ability by enrolling today. You won't regret it!

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